'The Value of Design' by Design Coucil

A great animation by Design Coucil with greater content. Every business person should watch this.


'Less is more' part 2: websites

Clean and simple website designs

We love simplicity in design. This time we found ten websites that we think are really beautiful because of their minimalism, simplicity and great use of white space.






Cedric Vella


Living Edge


Thankful Registry




Arnaud Beelen


Allen & Gerritsen


White 1921


Lunch and Recess


Marmite: Love it or Hate it?

Have you seen the new Marmite advert?

It is definitely different than other ads, quite surprising if you watch if for the first time and perhaps it will also divide our nation as the product did.

Whatever the feelings, both are consistent and this is a good branding.

Watch it below, if you haven’t seen it yet. Let us know your thoughts at BEYOND THE LIMITS CLEANING.

Our feelings for this advert and the product itself are the same.

What about you? Do you love it or hate it? Do you love Marmite but hate the advert? …Let us know your feelings.


Creative places 'The BaseCamp Young Hostel Bonn'

This unique place to stay is based in Germany. Visitors sleep in various mobile homes where each is individually themed and named. For example ‘Flower Power’ or ‘Drag Queen’.

This is an example of how we can use creativity to make things unique and extremely intresting.

We are definitely going to visit.

bonn1  1266981_631569986887712_1459569216_o 1146307_608999222478122_1790736876_o 6 1

Less is More

‘Less is More’

A 19th century phrase that is still valid today in every aspect of life.

Here are some interesting examples of work where designers clearly used that approach. They have incorporated only those elements that are needed without anything that would be unnecessary, making it clean, simple, contemporary and beautiful.

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Bottle of Absinthe by Elmar Van Zyl
Absinthe bottle design Absinthe bottle design

Book Design by Brandon Nickerson

Book designBook design