Research Analysis

Here we look at a recent fashion retail client 'Maze'.

As always we begin the process with background research, competitor analysis alongside a variety of elements. A mood board, thought map and vox pox are shown here to show an insight to the brand.


Maze’s clean hand drawn logo reflects the simple yet stylish clothing brands in stock. The hard dominating edges of the upper case E have been replaced with it’s welcoming lower case to soften it’s form.The letter forms glide from one to the next, reflecting the approachable nature of the staff whilst the fine lines portray the brand’s sophisticated style.


The brand greys and blues were used the three stores with the spot orange kept as an accent colour on printed materials only . The website address sat prominently at the foot of store windows, the logo on the hanging sign positioned in the 'south west'. The logo design reflects the simplicity of the store design, style and ethos.

Website Design

The brief was to produce a clean, stylish website without no frills or fuss. The > was used as the positional tool to anchor brand information or for example highlighting the location of the stores on the map. The grid three column grid allowed for full bleed photography or where multiple images were selected for brand overviews. Their sister store 18 was promoted visually through the homepage, showcasing the brand before allowing the user to navigate away from the site.


Ever wondered who is visiting your website? Where they live and what pages they are reviewing? By setting up a comprehensive SEO program, Google Analytics then allows us to track client's data over time.

Wikipedia definition: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in the search engine. By enabling the client to understand how this works, we look at the SEO on a monthly basis to improve the amount of hits via a variety of elements. Below shows an sample of what we can track, which is a only part of the fascinating analysis and process set up.