The importance of a good branding
A brand is a promise of experience. It is not only a good logo, nor colours or font. It is how we feel it. Brand should be bespoke and communicate with the audience on different levels. Good branding generates trust and commitment and consequently your income.
Does your company have a good branding?
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White Space

Designers love white space!

White space is a negative space and is not always white. It provides aesthetic benefits to the design. It is also a breathing space for used design elements.

White space improves legibility and makes a huge difference to the overall feel of design. It can also be used more creatively to incorporate shape and meaning within other elements.

Here are some examples of a very creative use of white space.


Anthony Lane


George Bokhua



Jason Cho



Noma Bar


Hand Made Birthday Card by Dominique Falla

It is really interesting to see how we can still push creativity and make something interesting from the Birthday Card! It’s been done countless times and it would seem that it is no longer possible to create something different. Nothing further from the truth!

Here is the work that is definitely worth to be seen – a hand made birthday card by Dominique Falla, the tactile typographer.


It is really great to see how it has been done…

It also proves that the best stuff starts on paper.