Less is More

‘Less is More’

A 19th century phrase that is still valid today in every aspect of life.

Here are some interesting examples of work where designers clearly used that approach. They have incorporated only those elements that are needed without anything that would be unnecessary, making it clean, simple, contemporary and beautiful.

Bottle of Absinthe by Elmar Van Zyl
Absinthe bottle design Absinthe bottle design

Book Design by Brandon Nickerson

Book designBook design


A great example of a design solution by the Vitamins Design, introduced during the Design Forum ‘Ageing better by design’, organized by the Design Council in Bristol.

They have been faced with a challenge to design a mobile phone for the elderly. But after their research, instead of a phone, they came up with an engaging manual book. The problem with a mobile usage for the elderly was not in how the phone is made, they simply could not understand how to use it. Check out the presentation video: