Creative places ‘The BaseCamp Young Hostel Bonn’

This unique place to stay is based in Germany. Visitors sleep in various mobile homes where each is individually themed and named. For example ‘Flower Power’ or ‘Drag Queen’.

This is an example of how we can use creativity to make things unique and extremely intresting.

We are definitely going to visit.

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Cycling in design

Some interesting examples of cycling themed design work.

Klinka by Leo Vinkovic and Goran Sosa

Leo Vinkovic and Goran Sosa Leo Vinkovic and Goran Sosa

‘Cycle Horns’ by Taylor Simpson

Taylor Simpson cycle horns Taylor Simpson cycle horns2

by Angela Southern

angela southern cycling

Republic Bike by Natalya Yampolsky

Natalya Yampolsky Natalya Yampolsky2

Gopro Cycling by Toto Castiglione

Toto Castiglione gopro cycling Toto Castiglione gopro cycling2

White Space

Designers love white space!

White space is a negative space and is not always white. It provides aesthetic benefits to the design. It is also a breathing space for used design elements.

White space improves legibility and makes a huge difference to the overall feel of design. It can also be used more creatively to incorporate shape and meaning within other elements.

Here are some examples of a very creative use of white space.


Anthony Lane


George Bokhua



Jason Cho



Noma Bar