Hand Made Birthday Card by Dominique Falla

It is really interesting to see how we can still push creativity and make something interesting from the Birthday Card! It’s been done countless times and it would seem that it is no longer possible to create something different. Nothing further from the truth!

Here is the work that is definitely worth to be seen – a hand made birthday card by Dominique Falla, the tactile typographer.


It is really great to see how it has been done…

It also proves that the best stuff starts on paper.

“Whatever you do tonight, make sure you’re ready to rock” – Design with Social Impact

This campaign created by Manchester City Council & M-four communication agency, at the beginning of the year is targeting teenagers on a night out.

They used humor and simple graphics to convince teenagers to take a condom before they ‘hit the town’.

It is an interesting example of talking about serious subject in different way and getting the message across. Instead of showing consequences, trying to scare them it makes those young people to think twice about the subject. Also it is a very clever way of choosing the right graphic style to get to them…. Somehow reminds me of this…

Michael Napier goes Live

‘Lawyer of the year 2012’ sums up Michael’s lifetime achievements and Uncoated feels honored to have been working with him on his new website.

étoiles étoiles – Comptoir Des Cotonniers

The vinyl highlighting the product deserves to be seen bigger here…

For those who are unfamiliar with this brand a selection of their fashion can be seen here.

Window Fashion

These window viynls caught my eye walking through Aix en Provence old town …the French comfortably portray their fun experimental nature here.