Happy Halloween

It is rather difficult to come across a Halloween theme design that is not a cliché but it is possible!

Benjamin Voldman, a New York based illustrator created this image to celebrate a Halloween. It is definitely a fresh look at something we are so familiar with.



We like the fingers most…what’s your iscialisoverthecounter.com at this site favourite bit?


Design solves problems

A very interesting design solution to a big problem by BMB advertising agency.

Not only has the agency been faced with a problem genericviagraonlinestore of a high infant mortality rate in Uganda but also 50% of women there are illiterate. Because of this they could not hand out information brochures.

To communicate successfully they came up with an information blanket.

They used pictographic images printed onto a cosy blanket. It includes a growth chart with the average range for 1, 3 and 6 month olds, a temperature alert, list of illness warning signs, breastfeeding and vaccination frequency and a doctor’s appointment reminder.

Obviously the blanket is not an alternative solution to the proper healthcare but at least goes a little way to prevent the preventable.