The Power of Colour

Probably most people know that colours have an impact of people’s emotional state. However not many companies think about it when it comes to their brands and rely often on a personal taste rather than the designer’s knowledge.

Here is a good example of how important the right choice of colour is in successful branding and how it can affect us.

 McDonald went cialis-coupon – help site green

As people recently became more health conscious, the McDonald’s popularity was in danger. It started to be perceived as unhealthy restaurant chain and associated with obesity. It was natural that they had to re-think their brand and come up with a new answer to people’s needs.

Not only did they add some healthier options to their menu but also they changed their colour schemes. The logo went green as well as outside/inside the restaurant.

Green is the colour of nature and symbolizes the life force and well-being as well as being associated with the environment and sustainability.

Choosing type

It is surprising how many people inappropriate fonts can spoil everything around it.

I went to a café the other day, the food was very good, nice atmosphere but the menu was written in Comic Sans!

Comic Sans was designed for comic book style help with speech bubble.

The choice of font should be well considered; for example it’s not easy to digest hospital papers due to it’s child-like appearance.

Luckily for our world there are some people who try to fight it, like the Comic Sans Criminal website where you can read about the font and if you know the place where you think it’s been used inappropriately you can enter their e-mail address and the ComicSansCriminal will contact them to begin their rehabilitation.